Quality Livestock and Crop Farm- Be food security conscious.

Atekemaame,We believe!

We are into crop production and supply, rearing and sales of animals. The farm with which you can trust for all your quality foodstuffs, meat and life animals.

We eat what we produce and so only the best is assured. We have in stock pigs ( piglets, boars, sows and gilts), sheep, goat, ducks, guinea fowls and pigeons. All of various breeds. We also supply maize, tubers of yams, millets and cassava

Our products and services include; pork, mutton, chicken , as well as life forms, animal feeds, sales of cereals(desired number of bags), consultations, training and internships. Delivery services are available.

Contact info


Tel: +233503503459

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Let’s keep in touch. Your questions and comments are warmly welcomed.

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